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Core Labs
Experiments in the future of work

Experiments in the future of work

Core Labs is building the future of professional identity and connection for the digital economy.

We're currently in rapid experimentation mode (the opposite of stealth). Check out what we've got cooking. 

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(available now)

Mural is an insanely simple way to build portfolios of your best work. What Dribbble is for designers & Github for engineers, Mural aims to be for product managers, marketers and other digital workers.

Key Features:

-Simple URL sharing with automatic rich embeds

- Add captions, credit contributors and update with stats

- Use tags to curate ‘sub-murals’ for different contexts and audiences

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(currently inactive)

Makeshop is a genius bar for creative services distributed across co-working spaces and coffeeshops. Our aim is to make creative help from professional designers, copywriters & strategists as accessible and easy as a cup of coffee.

Key features:

- Currently piloting in 3 NYC locations and via video calls throughout the country.

- Patrons in need of design or copy help can book one-on-one, in person sessions with a creative -- in just a few clicks.

- Sessions start as low as $45.

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(our 1st product)

Core is a new take on peer and expert mentoring. The software is live at leading universities across the country, where it helps power mentorship for entrepreneurship programs and fellowships. 

Key features:

- Get timely feedback from peers and mentors with professional micro-networks 

- Simplify communication using structured templates

- Easily onboard, administer, use and track through deep integrations with Google Apps

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Meet the Team


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Ajay Rajani (Founder & CEO)

Ajay is a serial investor & entrepreneur. Before founding Core Labs, he helped build Accel-backed Grovo (Head of Product) & Sacca-backed Tala (Founding CMO). He’s also a mentor for Techstars & the UN Entrepreneur Accelerator, and invests in startups via the Inevitable Collective. More than anything, he’s an addictive experimenter.


Avishkar Autar (VP Engineering)

Avishkar is a programmer skilled in a variety of disciplines and technologies. Prior to leading engineering at Core Labs, Avishkar spent 5+ years as Software Engineering Manager at Grovo and earned his B.S. in Computer Science from NYU.